Upper Maremma and Islands

Upper Maremma and Islands

Interested in wine tasting in Tuscany, and anxious to take a real insider’s look, visiting the wondrous cellars where award-winning wines are aged? Maybe you’re dreaming about finding the ultimate, most romantic Tuscany honeymoon destination… or, then again, you’re into gastronomy and want to indulge in scrumptious specialties or experience a Tuscan cooking vacation. Whichever it is, Maremma Tuscany has the answer to all your wishes and dreams!


Maremma is an extensive area which includes parts of two regions, Lazio and Tuscany, bordering the Tyrrhenian Sea. The coastline is superb with its golden beaches and rocky cliffs, picturesque fishing villages, exquisite seaside villas, ports and marinas. And the countryside is spellbinding, made of cultivated valleys, rustic stone farmhouses and sublime villas, shimmering olive groves, vineyards and silky hills melting one into the other.

Upper, or Northern, Maremma covers the whole coast from the Cecina river down to Piombino, including the Colline Metallifere, Val di Cornia and the inland hills to Roccastrada and comprising Elba Island.

Upper Maremma boasts a breathtakingly beautiful, diverse natural environment, to become a part of spending a vacation in a charmingly typical Maremman estate or farmhouse. Beaches are soft and sandy or covered by smooth pebbles, sweet-scented pine tree woods extend over miles and the marvelously rich and varied fauna (from wild boar to bright-plumed pheasants!) proves how pristine and uncontaminated the whole area is.

Upper Maremma is truly unique, also, because of its the world-celebrated luxuriant vineyards, the very ones that produce the award-winning SuperTuscans!

Yet, despite its spellbinding views, pristine countryside, rich cultural heritage, superb genuinely Tuscan accommodation solutions, and many attractions, the whole area is still somewhat off the beaten track for both foreign and Italian tourists; thus, in Upper Maremma, ancient traditions continue to flourish and thrive, and genuine Tuscan lifestyle and culture live on.

A vacation in Upper Maremma is a quintessentially Tuscan vacation, made of a myriad of memorable moments. The area offers a vast array of inspiring, genuine experiences, from learning about the rich historic and traditional heritage, to indulging in the delicious home-cooked typical food, savoring delectable olive oil, wild game and premium wines, or even simply gazing at the never-ending spellbinding views.

Upper Maremma is ideal for family holidays, relaxing vacations or enticing adventures, leading visitors to the discovery of countless exquisite, culture-filled towns to visit; most of these are perfectly preserved examples of Medieval architecture, dream-like villages which offer visitors an actual journey into past.

Bolgheri, world-renowned thanks to the luxuriant vineyards which produce the famed Supertuscans, and to the great poet Giosuè Carducci, is enchanting. Located in an enviable position, close to the sea and surrounded by glistening olive groves, shady woods and vineyards, it offers picturesque narrow streets, an imposing brick red castle and fascinating ancient stone palaces adorned by geranium vases. Numerous churches, traditional artisan shops, tempting restaurants and enoteche (wine shops) add to the overall charm, and offer the chance to experience the culture as well as the local gastronomy and authentic Tuscan wine tasting.

Campiglia Marittima and the whole Val di Cornia are an extremely interesting and superbly beautiful area of ancient heritage and traditions. The area has a century-old tradition in mining and crafting of metals, a fascinating world to be explored visiting the Val Fucinaia ovens and the San Silvestro archeological mining park, an actual open air museum.

Many charming farmhouses and estates produce delectable olive oil, prized wines and tasty local specialties. Campiglia hosts many entertaining events throughout the year; the Historical Day, in May, is a splendid occasion to visit. Ancient craft workshops are reproduced and over 200 people, in 15th century costumes, parade down the music-filled streets before holding the traditional “Giostra degli Angeli” a charming Medieval carousel.

Renting a villa in Tuscan Maremma allows travelers to visit a number of less-renowned, spectacular sights. Venturina, a marvelous ancient Spa, renowned since Etruscan and Roman times; the whole area also boasts numerous trekking and biking trails in the woods and hillside. Suvereto and Massa Marittima are perfectly preserved examples of Medieval architecture.

Named after the extensive cork oak (sughero in Italian) woods that surround it, Suvereto is enclosed within ancient walls and boasts enchanted winding streets lined by stone homes and noble palaces, churches and magical silent cloisters.

Massa Marittima, perched high atop a hill, offers spellbinding views of the surroundings. The town center shows a uniquely harmonic architecture, remarkable Cathedral and splendid 13th century civic buildings.

Book your villa in Upper Maremma for the summer season! In fact, during the summer, Massa hosts two popular events: a charming open air Opera festival (Opera in Piazza) and the Tuscany PhotoFestival, both excellent occasions to visit.

Well-preserved vestiges of the past are to be admired within the impressive archeological site of Populonia, a magical place offering much more than just a glimpse of the Etruscan era.

Families with children and nature-lovers staying in Maremman villas or farmhouses will delight in visiting Elba Island, the largest of Tuscan islands as well as the third largest in Italy. Part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, Europe’s largest marine park, and world-renowned for housing Napoleon during his exile, Elba was inhabited by the Etruscans and Romans, as proven by interesting archeological findings.

With its imposing fortresses, military buildings and 1800s Napoleonic residences, the island features varied sightseeing options, but what makes it a sought-after destination, is its clear, shimmering blue-green sea and spectacular coastline.

Elba is a natural paradise made of dream-like panoramas, rolling waves of pristine waters and dazzling beaches. The whole island offers never-ending outdoor sports and activities, from biking, and trekking to golf. Diving and snorkeling, especially, provide memorable experiences, thanks to the extremely varied sea flora and fauna.

“l’Alta Maremma Toscana” is all this. And much much more.

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